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MS Basiskonto - Ukraine

If you are a refugee from Ukraine, you have the opportunity to become a customer of Middelfart Sparekasse and open an MS Basiskonto – Ukraine.

With an MS Basiskonto – Ukraine, you will be able to manage your day-to-day finances, such as depositing and withdrawing cash, making regular payments and making automatic transfers via internet and mobile banking.

What you get

  • An account for public benefits, wages and salaries and payment of bills
  • A Mastercard Debit for withdrawing cash from ATMs, making payments in shops and online
  • Internet and mobile banking
  • Option to create payment agreements
  • Option to use Betalingsservice (Direct Debit scheme)


Annual card fee DKK 200, to be paid in advance. No start-up fee.

How do I get started?

To become a customer in Middelfart Sparekasse – or any other bank in Denmark – you have to provide copies of identification papers and other information about yourself. If possible, please fill out this questionnaire in advance. When in doubt, we’ll help you. 

Contact us by mail – click here and initially send us your name, address and e-mail address.

Foreign currency – what you need to be aware of

  • Documentation on deposits and withdrawals
    Please note that deposits and withdrawals of large amounts of cash (both in DKK and other currencies*) are subject to statutory requirements for documentation of the origin or use of the cash.
    *Please note that we currently do not accept Ukrainian currency.
  • Maximum limits
    There is a maximum limit on individual deposits and individual withdrawals. The current limit is DKK 50.000 for deposits and DKK 150.000 for withdrawals.Documentation can naturally be challenging for refugees. We will do our best to address any challenges this may pose, but please remember that we are obliged to ask questions. You can fill in this form for deposits and this form for withdrawals in advance to be better prepared for any questions we may need to ask.The purpose of documentation and deposit/withdrawal limits is, among other things, to avoid money laundering and terrorist financing. The requirements are valid for all customers, both Danish and international.

How do I find the nearest branch of Middelfart Sparekasse

You can find all branches of Middelfart Sparekasse here

Opening hours are from 10 to 4 Monday to Friday, but we prefer if you make an appointment in advance. That way we can offer you the best service. 

How am I protected if Middelfart Sparekasse goes into liquidation?

The Danish Guarantee Fund (Garantiformuen) cover both private individuals and legal entities (companies, etc.) that have deposits and securities in Danish financial institutions. The cover amounts to EUR 100,000 per depositor for deposits and EUR 20,000 per investor for securities.


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